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Lotta Ljunggren

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About Lotta 

Lotta has several years’ experience in both the public and private sectors; as an employee and as a business owner. Lotta has a Master’s degree in international relations from Columbia University in New York. She inspires with a broad and instructive background from home in Sweden and many years abroad. Lotta has worked in the Öresund region with investigations in a Swedish authority and a Danish NGO. Lotta has several years’ experience with the United Nations in leadership positions with responsibility for human resources and finance. She also has experience with change and project management and start-up activities. She single-handedly started her own business in the fitness industry in Spain.

Here at Sandson AB, Lotta works as a coach, which suits her well as she can, through personal guidance, coaching and pep talks, motivate job seekers towards new satisfactory opportunities.