Chiara Vignati är en av våra fantastiska deltagare med en internationell profil. Hon började efter ca tre månaders coachning en heltidstjänst på ett väletablerat svenskt företag med internationellt mindset. Hon delar nu med sig av sin upplevelse och utveckling under sin tid hos oss.


What were your expectations of Sandson?

Before starting, I was really hoping to receive some help to introduce myself to the Swedish market. However, I did not really know what to expect, as I have never been part of a “Support and Matching” project before. I was happy though, to start talking with someone about the Swedish job market and to understand how to increase my chances here.


What were your expectations of your coach?

Before starting, I expected to find someone who would help me with my professional profile and that was it. I did not expect to find someone I could really relate to.


In what way did we meet your initial expectation (or not)?

My initial expectations were met and even exceeded! Julia Johansson, my coach, has been from day one a great guide, both introducing myself to the Swedish job market and being a real support for my morale. She helped me increase my self-esteem and led me into the Swedish job market, suggesting sectors or companies that perhaps I have not considered before! (It is important to know that I found my first job in Sweden from abroad and I have moved to Sweden with a job offer).

Julia has helped me in my career change, with good tips on my Cover Letter; how to send out unsolicited applications; as well as leading a successful job interview. Moreover, she has been one of my greatest supporters, cheering for me and with me for every positive feedback from employers.


What was the most valuable thing with the coaching at Sandson?

The most valuable thing with the coaching at Sandson was the help to keep my motivation up, combined with good tips on how and where to search for job opportunities that were right for me.


How would you describe your coach?

Julia Johansson is a very nice, polite, and clever woman, who is always available and willing to help. She is very open minded and inclusive – speaking in English has never been a problem for her and she focused on helping me find job opportunities in the Skåne area, within companies with an international outlook. She is a person who recognizes and praises other people’s talents, highlighting their potential. Nonetheless, she is very empathic: she is joyful for other people’s success, as well as she is very supportive in case of failures (always helping to evaluate a plan B).


Is there anything you would like to add?

I am grateful for the path that has led me to where I am now. Three months ago, I would have never expected to have the opportunity to answer these questions. Because this means I can communicate a successful and positive experience! Moreover, I have learned that when you have a positive mindset, and you work very hard, good news will be presenting to yourself. Of course, the journey is a bit easier if you meet great people willing to “Support and Match” you.