In his own words 

It took some time for me to decide to establish my own business, and in 2002 it finally materialized. I have always been interested in people and what motivates them. Is it leisure, jobs, or something else? I believe that everybody wants to do meaningful things in their lives and wish to contribute to others taking steps going forward.

As an employee, it was not possible for me to work with these issues, so I started my own business. Today I surround myself with colleagues that are much better than me at their work. They are curious, professional and fun. What I can contribute with is energy, new ideas and points of view, in addition to a commitment of never giving up.

I have worked in the private and public sectors and witnessed both the good and bad in many employers. I have worked in the paper production, health, finance and foodstuff industries. On dirty factory floors and sterile operating theatres. I have changed career paths a few times, but even if the job wasn’t a good fit, I always met a lot of people with different backgrounds and of varying conditions, all of which have provided me with a wealth of experience to find my way again.

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