About Nicki

Nicki has a varied background that has always had a way forward. Her goal is to give everyone around her a good service, whether it is to develop as a person or to be satisfied with the service/product that is requested.
She has a hotel and restaurant education, an ACC-certified coach and several years as a leadership consultant. The path has gone between different industries as a manager to being an entrepreneur and making a Start-up in the service sector, running a distribution company in technical products to being a coach and consultant.

"One of my strongest beliefs is to have a goal where we wish to get and by taking a step aside from the way we always do, will face a completely new path that will lead us to a completely new place."

As a person, I have a positive attitude and full confidence that most things will turn out well and a dose of Pippi in the idea of always being curious and trying something new with the attitude "How can I know when I have never tried?"