Djana is one of our wonderful participants who during her time with us at Sandson got a full-time job in the desired industry! Djana now shares her experience and development during her time with us.


What were your expectations for Sandson?

What attracted me to Sandson was that you did planning on an individual level, it was not meetings in large groups, but the program was designed according to the participant and it´s needs.


What were your expectations for your coach?

To be supported, coached and able to communicate about my needs.


In what way were your expectations met (or not)?

Every meeting was about what I needed at the time for support, updating my CV and cover letter or training for an interview, sometimes even supporting emotionally because it's not easy to be unemployed. You may doubt yourself, then my coach Matilda was there for me and lifted me up!


What was the most valuable lesson from your coaching at Sandson?

Just that I personally clicked with my coach Matilda and I felt that she genuinely wanted to support me.


How would you describe your coach?

Genuine, expert, efficient and down to earth with a great interest and empathy for people.


Is there anything you want to add?

The entire coaching period with Sandson was an investment in my development, thank you! / Djana