The foundation of several of Sandsons successful projects is mobility

Mobility is the foundation of several of our successful projects. We work closely with our partners abroad and highly value our relationships with them. We KNOW that experiencing mobility, whether through internships or jobs abroad, can help spur your career. If you manage a company in Sweden you can internationalize and gain new insight by receiving competent persons from another country.

Do you have questions regarding the implications of accepting a job abroad or recruiting foreign nationals? Do you want help to get started? We will assist you!

Our role with regard to internship exchanges is both on the receiving and sending end. Our project managers are responsible for different activities, but we all work closely and share the same core values and working methods to the benefit of our participants, wherever they may travel to for their internship.

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Looking for a new mobility partner in Sweden?

We provide internships and accommodation in southern Sweden and we are always looking to start new projects!

Examples of our mobility projects



Do you want to experience something new and at the same time take a step closer to your new me?