Kristina is one of our satisfied participants in Prepare and Match! Read more below about her thoughts on her coach Matilda and what she thought of our events/activities in Sandson's career development program.


What expectations did you have of Sandson?/ What expectations did you have of your coach?

The expectations I had for Sandson were mainly that, through their collective competence, they would support me in my orientation on the labor market, and that my coach would be there for questions that arose during my job search.


How did we meet your expectations (or not)?

I feel that I have received a good exchange of thoughts and ideas through Sandson's seminars, and workshops from other jobseekers enrolled at Sandson, and that this insight has, among other things, helped me broaden my job search. It was also a nice and much-needed feature that Sandson has started with company visits, which gives us jobseekers insight into how recruiters think when we apply to different workplaces.


What was the most valuable thing about the coaching at Sandson?/ How would you like to describe your coach?

What I am most grateful for is that my coach was responsive to my needs, and that she inspired me with her positive attitude not to give up. I feel that Sandson, through Prepare and Match, has given me a context to participate in. For me, mainly the lack of community to the labor market has felt like an obstacle on some days, and then it has been nice to know that I am not alone. My tutor is there to support, and I can look forward to the next seminar or workshop.