What were your expectations for Sandson?

My expectations for Sandson were to get help in my job search, to get tips and ideas on how to increase my chances of getting interviews, and eventually a new job.


What were your expectations for your coach?

Regarding my coach, I hoped to get a person who was positive, could give me new perspectives and preferably contacts in the business world. I also wanted someone who I felt really wanted to help me.


In what way were your expectations met (or not)?

I'm very happy with my time and help from Martin A at Sandson.


What was the most valuable lesson from your coaching at Sandson?

Got the best possible help, Martin gave me valuable tips and tools in my job search, great feedback, and always answered my inquiries with positive and lovely energy.


How would you describe your coach?

I am absolutely convinced that Sandson's help was crucial, when I was later called for a job interview at Visma Spcs in Växjö, which eventually became my new workplace - as Customer Success Manager.


Is there anything you want to add?

I give Martin A and Sandson my warmest recommendations and thank you with humility for help and support. Martin is incredibly competent and committed coach- I give him the highest rating. Thank you very much!