What were your expectations for Sandson?

To offer a knowledgeable and competent coach who can match my needs and personality. A place where I don't feel like they've wasted my time.


What were your expectations for your coach?

A coach with social skills who sees me. A person who is knowledgeable, educational, responsive, respectful, understands my needs; give good advice, guide, and work with me and not over me. A coach who encourages and supports when it all feels hopeless.


What was the most valuable thing about coaching at Sandson?

A good CV and cover letter, interview techniques, new ways of thinking and looking at the job market, building my self-confidence without being condescending, feeling validated and heard. My coach Julia Nordh valued the skills and qualities that I had and helped me build on and develop them further.


How would you describe your coach?

My coach Julia Nordh is the best in the industry. She is a very warm and caring person who is also very knowledgeable, educational, helpful, respectful, and responsive. She set goals that were adapted to my qualities, needs, ability and skills and made sure I achieved them. She valued the qualities I had and helped me build on and develop them further. She always comes with good advice; from how to write a cover letter and CV, to interview techniques, choice of profession, how to contact different employers and what to consider when introducing yourself to them. She is always there when I need her, so it feels safe to have her in my corner. The list is long in terms of her guidance, good advice, and support. She is simply a gem.


Is there anything you want to add?

I give Sandson and my coach Julia Nordh the highest rating available, five out of five stars – I highly recommend them.