-What do you work with?
-I am unemployed, I answered. 
 Everyone at the table became silent. I did not fit in, had no identity. Since then, we have met thousands of people at Sandson with the same experience, the differende being that around our table you are someone, on your way for your dream to become real.
-Magnus Andersson, CEO

Prepare and match, our way.

Our coaching is based on you as an individual and begins with what YOU need. Are you happy with your CV and want to take the next step in your career? Is your biggest challenge perhaps the interview process? Do you need to find out how you compete with recent graduates These are some of the issues we work with on a daily basis. Everyone's needs are different, something we respect and understand.

We help you see new possibilities and carry out a thorough analysis of your skills and your needs in order to best match our resources for you. We aim to inspire you and share our experiences. Traditionally, the term career has been viewed as the advancement to a higher position with a larger salary. Today a career is seen as personal growth as much as professional advancement and adapted to the person you are. Everyone has a career. Everybody needs and wants to develop their professional work life and to feel satisfaction in carrying out stimulating tasks.  A coach functions like an engine. Through personal guidance we can help you see new opportunities and try new paths.

Sandson Academy

In addition to your personal meetings with your coach, we offer you a digital platform that we call The Sandsons Akademi (Sandsons Academy) that supports you in-between meetings with your coach. In the Sandsons Akademi you will get access to several training modules with a focus on giving you new insights and tools for you as a job seeker. The modules are available both in video format and in PDF format - so you can choose what suits you best. Before you start the courses, you will get an introduction to Sandson, an insight into who we are working here as well as important and practical information for those who are part of Prepare and Match. But most importantly – you get knowledge about everything from how to write a good CV, build a professional network to how to find the job opportunities in the best possible way – and much, much more!

Community College (Folkhögskola)

We at Sandson also collaborate with community colleges around Skåne. This is to be able to offer you who do not have a high- school diploma or basic higher education qualifications, a study-motivating community college course. It is a three-month course with the aim of motivating you to study further, after receiving an individual guidance and the tools you need to achieve your goals. The schools we work together are Albins Folkhögskola,  Folkhögskolan Hvilan  and  Eslövs Folkhögskola.

What is Prepare and Match?

Prepare and Match (Rusta och matcha) is a support programme for you who are registered with the Employment Service. (Arbetsförmedlingen). It is Arbetsförmedlingen that assesses whether you are entitled to the service Prepare and Match, contact a supervisor to get an assessment. In Prepare and Match, you are offered support on the way to a job or education. The suppliers offer the service in different languages and have different industry knowledge. You can choose the supplier you think best matches your profile.

How do I choose Sandson AB as a supplier within Prepare and Match?

How fun that you want to choose us as a supplier! You choose Sandson by stating our KA-number on "My pages" at Arbetsförmedlingen.se, alternatively to a supervisor at Arbetsförmedlingen. We will then contact you to schedule a start-up meeting with your personal coach.

Here are our KA-numbers for each office:

Malmö: 10072297

Lund: 10072294

Helsingborg: 10072296

Göteborg: 10072295

At Sandson AB you will meet dedicated and determined coaches who have a broad network that together create opportunities for you in the entire Öresund region.

We offer the Prepare and Matching program at the following locations: Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg and Göteborg. 

We offer Prepare and Match (KROM) on behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Service. You may read more about KROM on the Swedish Public Employment Service's website: Arbetsförmedlingen -  Rusta och matcha (external link)

What customers have said about our coaches:

”My coach is very active, inspiring and dedicated”

”My coach was welcoming and positive.  She asked the right questions, challenged me and gave advice. We had a good communication and I received clear information from her. Kristina made sure, for the first time since I became unemployed, that I receive a positive, inspiring and professional experience"

”My coach is professional and dedicated and received me well. I felt strengthened and motivated after each meeting. I was quickly prepared and motivated"

"A fantastic coach and a company that really delivers! You care about your customers and you see the individual; it does not feel like you are just doing your job"

Rusta och matcha

We who coach at Sandson

Everyone who works at Sandson AB has an academic education. Together our experience spans many industries and sectors.

Do you have questions about Prepare and Match at Sandson?