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Many companies that have recruited excellence from other countries find it difficult to retain the competence for the duration of the contract. In many cases, it’s because the fact that their companion did not enter the Swedish labor market during the contract time. It is a waste of skills, time and money. We want to change this.

We have developed a method aimed at Swedish companies to work strategically and increase mobility across borders and at the same time create better conditions for recruitment to succeed in the long term by focusing on accompanying job seekers.

Today, highly educated people, regardless of country of origin, expect both parties in a relationship to be able to pursue a career and for many families, double incomes are needed. That this will not be the case is a reality for many accompanying persons in Sweden who get stuck in bureaucracy, language challenges and exclusion.

Time is a decisive factor. Many who move to Sweden have their partners and families with them and have been attracted by the premise of pursuing dual careers, as well as by the Swedish model with a society that supports working parents and opportunities for women as well as men to pursue their own careers. In Sweden, you are expected to have a professional career. It's hard to stand aside. We focus on accompanying partners during recruitment, this by bringing forward the coaching process with the partner towards work before arrival in Sweden. It is crucial to become job-ready as early as possible before the moving load starts.

Several international studies and the experiences of many Swedish industries point to the well-being of the family as a decisive factor for the individual's work performance after moving here during a recruitment. The family perspective is also an important factor for the attractiveness of Swedish companies and organizations and the possibility of retaining talent and competence. Not finding work for the accompanying party within a reasonable time after arriving in Sweden is one of the strongest arguments for not staying.