International experience - an opportunity that everyone should have!

Projekt Tillit was run as a method development project under AB Företagsutveckling from 2016 to 2020 and has given over 200 young people the opportunity to have an internship abroad. We ran the project based on our method, the Trust method, read more about the method here. Below we describe the structure of the project.

Purpose and goals of the project

The purpose of the project was that the participant, via coaching and an internship abroad, would gain an international experience that increased their chances of getting a job in Sweden or abroad. As of 2018, we also had an occupational psychologist from Arbetsförmedlingen, this to strengthen the participant's path to work or studies. The project was aimed at people between 18 and 24 years old living in Skåne or Blekinge. Project Tillit was financed with the help of the European Social Fund.

“The project was a good chance for me. I had to come abroad and develop myself. I got to try the cooking profession, which interested me. Now I am training to be a chef.”
-Participant in projekt Tillit

A participant's path through the project

To start the project, the first step was to apply via our website, and then be assigned to the project via the Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen). All of our participants were registered with the Employment Service and received compensation from there. We had intake twice a year, and there was usually one group in Blekinge and one in Skåne. The structure of the project was as follows:

  • Preparation phase

This phase included moments where the project, both with the help of group moments and individual conversations, would arrive at the next step for the participant. It includes, among other things: workplace visits, discussing different professions, writing CVs and cover letters, working in groups and individually, planning the internship, workshops about what it is like to live in the UK or Italy and talking to others who have been abroad. All to create inspiration and energy for the future.

“I felt safe, well prepared and ready to go to Palermo after the preparation time.”
-Participant in projekt Tillit

  • Internship abroad

With the help of our partner organizations in Italy and the UK, the participant was given an internship in the field of work for which she applied for a job. The project staff together with the partner organization made a match based on the participant's desires and abilities. The internship lasted for 6 weeks in either Cardiff in Wales or Palermo in Sicily. The project covered the travel to and from the internship location, accommodation, food, any commuting costs abroad and insurance.

"The internship was absolutely fantastic. I had a great time together with colleagues who were very nice and caring."

-Participant in projekt Tillit

  • Closing phase 

The project ended at home with 4 weeks of coaching towards work or studies.

“Coach out was good because it helped me tie everything together. I think everything became clearer and I understood the whole of working life."

-Participant in projekt Tillit

Read about the Tillit method here


Interview with former participants

Intervju med tidigare deltagare


Julia var på praktik i Cardiff och kom tillbaka som en Julia 2.0 som hon själv säger. Läs om hennes upplevelse!

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