-What do you do for a living?

-I’m unemployed, I replied.

 -Everybody at the table became quiet. I didn’t fit in, had no identity. Since then we have met about 1,000 persons with the same experience at Sandson AB, with the major difference being that at our table you are someone, en route for your dream to become reality.

-Magnus Andersson, CEO 

Support and matching, our way. 

Our coaching activities are individually tailored and based on what YOU require.

Are you happy with your CV and wish to concentrate on the next step of your career? Perhaps your main challenge is with the interview process? Do you need to compare your level of competence to that of new graduates?

These are some of the questions that we deal with every day. Everyone’s requirements are different and we respect and understand that.

We help you explore new possibilities, and we carry out an in-depth analysis of your competencies and your requirements in order to assess which resources to apply to best serve you. We aim to inspire and to share our experiences for your benefit.

The notion of a career is traditionally identified as advancement to promotion and higher pay. Today a career is much more than that as it encompasses the personal and professional development adjusted to whom you are. Everyone has a career.

At one time or other everybody wants to develop their professional life in order to feel satisfaction over having a meaningful work life. Our coaches function as engines. Through personal guidance they help you see new possibilities and explore other options.


At Sandson AB our dedication, enthusiasm and wide network contribute to our creating possibilities for you throughout the Öresund region. 

We offer the Support and matching program on behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Office. To find out more:


We offer the Support and matching program at the following locations:




All offices are conveniently located a short walking distance from the train stations, not more than 4 minutes.  At the Lund location we offer free parking.


Read what our participants have said about us:


”Julia is a very active, inspiring and dedicated coach”


”Kristina’s manner is friendly and positive. She posed the right questions, challenged me and gave me advise. Our communication was good and I received clear information. Kristina made a point of providing me with a positive, inspiring and professional experience, for the first time since I became unemployed. “


“Fredrik is a professional and committed coach whose manner is friendly. After each meeting I felt strengthened and motivated. I became well prepared and quickly motivated.”




Let us help you with our support and matching program at Sandson

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