AB Företagsutveckling is a part of Arbetsförmedlingen/EURES project TMS - Targeted Mobility Scheme

 Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)  are EU mobility schemes with the aim to match employers with hard to fill vacancies with skilled candidates across Europe. The project includes a finacial support witch you can apply for after you hav recieved mobility support from Eures. Are you a jobseeker you have access to:

  • information on labour market and living conditions in EU countries
  • writing a CV
  • job search
  • job matching and contact with potential employers
  • preparing for job interview, taking up a job abroad etc


As a jobseeker you can apply for finacial support whithin these areas:

  • go for an interview abroad
  • relocation allowance
  • recognition of qualifications
  • language course
  • supplementary trip allowance

TMS aims to help employers with hard to fill vacancies find qualified workers from another EU country, Norway or Iceland, including mobility services and financial support.

An employer may receive mobility services containing:

  • recruitment services, i.e. help to publish vacancies on the EURES portal and other job portals
  • matching of suitable candidates from an EU country, Norway or Iceland,
  • information and advice on what to think about before employing from an EU country, Norway or Iceland.

If a recruitment cooperation is established with EURES SMEs may apply for financial support if they offer an integration programme to their newly employed person(s) relocating from another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

The financial support for an integration programme is a contribution towards the costs for:

  • job-related training
  • language training to improve command of host country language
  • administrative support etc. helping the new employee to get settled


Your are welcome to conact us if you want to know more about what the project can do for you!


For more information and application forms please visit the project's website at the Swedish public employment services
Targeted Mobility Scheme

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