-What do you work with?
-I am unemployed, I answered. 
 Everyone at the table became silent. I did not fit in, had no identity. Since then, we have met thousands of people at Sandson with the same experience, the differende being that around our table you are someone, on your way for your dream to become real.
-Magnus Andersson, CEO

Prepare and match, in Gothenburg.

Our coaching is centered around you as an individual and starts with identifying your specific needs. Are you satisfied with your CV and looking to advance in your career? Is the interview process your biggest challenge? Do you want to understand how you compare to recent graduates? These are some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. We acknowledge and understand that everyone's needs are unique.

We help you explore new possibilities by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your skills and requirements, enabling us to provide the best resources tailored to you. Our goal is to inspire you and share our experiences. Traditionally, a career was seen as climbing the corporate ladder for higher positions and salaries. However, today, a career is seen as a combination of personal growth and professional advancement, customized to your individuality. Everyone has a career. Everyone wants to develop their professional life and derive satisfaction from engaging tasks. A coach acts as an engine, guiding you personally and helping you discover new opportunities and paths.

Sandson Academy

In addition to personal meetings with your coach, we offer a digital platform called Sandsons Academy. This platform supports you between coaching sessions. At Sandsons Academy, you gain access to various training modules designed to provide you with fresh insights and tools as a job seeker. These modules are available in video and PDF formats, allowing you to choose the format that suits you best. Before starting the courses, you will receive an introduction to Sandson, an overview of our team, and important practical information for participants of Prepare and Match. Most importantly, you will acquire knowledge about everything from crafting an effective CV and building a professional network to optimizing your job search strategy and much more!

What is Prepare and Match?

Prepare and Match (Rusta och matcha) is a support program for individuals registered with the Swedish Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). The eligibility for the Prepare and Match service is determined by Arbetsförmedlingen, and you can contact a supervisor for assessment. Prepare and Match offers assistance on the path to employment or education. The service providers offer support in different languages and possess various industry-specific knowledge. You have the freedom to choose the supplier that aligns best with your profile.

How do I choose Sandson AB as a supplier within Prepare and Match in Gothenburg?

We are delighted that you wish to choose us as your supplier in Gothenburg! You can select Sandson by providing our KA-number on "My pages" on the Arbetsförmedlingen.se website or by informing a supervisor at Arbetsförmedlingen. We will then contact you to arrange an initial meeting with your personal coach.

Here are our KA-number for the Gothenburg offices: 10072295

Our office in Gothenburg is centrally located at Järnvågsgatan 3 on Järntorget. We also offer an office at Odinsgatan 13. Welcome!

We also offer the Prepare and Matching program at the following locations: LundMalmö and Helsingborg.

We offer Prepare and Match in Gothenburg (ROM) on behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Service. You may read more about KROM on the Swedish Public Employment Service's website: Arbetsförmedlingen -  Rusta och matcha (external link)

What customers have said about our coaches:

”My coach is very active, inspiring and dedicated”

”My coach was welcoming and positive.  She asked the right questions, challenged me and gave advice. We had a good communication and I received clear information from her. Kristina made sure, for the first time since I became unemployed, that I receive a positive, inspiring and professional experience"

”My coach is professional and dedicated and received me well. I felt strengthened and motivated after each meeting. I was quickly prepared and motivated"

"A fantastic coach and a company that really delivers! You care about your customers and you see the individual; it does not feel like you are just doing your job"


We who coach at Sandson

Everyone who works at Sandson AB has an academic education. Together our experience spans many industries and sectors.

Do you have questions about Prepare and Match at Sandson in Gothenburg?