Read here about our former participant who, during his time at Sandson, got two new jobs - both in the desired industry. Today he works at an HVB home in Lund municipality and a home for the homeless run by Fryshuset in Malmö. Read more here about the participant's time with us!


What expectations did you have of Sandson?
My expectations consisted of three concrete sub-goals. Partly getting help with how to write a good and concise personal letter, which was something I had problems with. Furthermore, I wanted to receive information about conceivable future industries and finally about how to deliver a successful interview.

What expectations did you have on your coach?
That the coach listens to me and gives me concrete tips and tools so that I can succeed in getting a job in the industry in which I have experience, or alternatively get information about other industries that are similar to the one I have worked in before.

How did we meet your expectations (or not)?
Sub-goal 1:
My coach sent a guide and examples of how to structure a personal letter and how to summarize yourself and your experiences.

Sub-goal 2: During the webinar, the participants received information about different industries and future professions which I found to be very useful as I have thoughts of studying again.

Sub-goal 3: We unfortunately didn't have time to get into the interview part, but it was on the agenda.

What was the most valuable thing about the coaching at Sandson?

The coach's structure and follow-up ability. It was noticeable that my coach Matilda kept journal notes of everything we discussed during our phone calls because she was always following up on things that I should have done and things that she needed to find out.

How would you describe your coach?

A person who cares about his participants and who was always reachable via email, phone and SMS. I had the idea that a coach would only be reachable during our booked conversation times, but that was not the case at Sandson. We have had conversations about everything possible, even about areas outside of her work area, including how I should handle the contact with the Employment Agency, as well as about the Social Insurance Agency and how to negotiate wages with employers. I was advised on specific words how to sell my experience and that I should not be afraid to make my own case.


Is there anything you would like to add?

1. Smaller groups at the webinar to more easily share the experiences and thoughts of other participants (update: this is offered today at Sandson's workshops!).
2. The participants must be able to talk during the webinar and not only via the chat.
3. Access to study and career counselors.