Our participant Silva saw her time at Sandson as very rewarding as she felt she was given all the tools she needed from her coach Eva. Silva has now started her new employment within her desired industry and professional role - treatment educator. Silva considered her coach encouragement and tools to be valuable for her in her journey to re-enter working life. Read more about her time at Sandson below.


What expectations did you have of Sandson?
I was expecting some guidance and support/help with writing a CV as well as tips and advice on using social media (LinkedIn) in the job search.

What expectations did you have on your coach?
Being able to understand, design and provide the support I needed to return to working life.


How did we meet your expectations (or not)?

I have gained better focus in my job search and, with my coach's advice and support, have gained a method to follow for creating a cover letter, as well as the keys to adapt this to each ad.
My resume which I thought was OK also became much better and much clearer about what I could do


What was the most valuable thing about the coaching at Sandson?

Most valuable were the meetings with my coach who listened, supported and helped me. I felt that I always had someone to turn to whenever I had questions, wanted to discuss or chat with someone, etc.
Also appreciated that I got access to Sandson's Academy, the digital platform with a range of different training modules where I got the chance to gain new insights and tools in my job search.


How would you describe your coach?

My coach is a person who is committed, honest, easy to work with and is also good at listening. She focused on opportunities instead of difficulties. Eva is an honest and open person, which makes it easy for me to open myself up. Anyone who loses their job may be in a life crisis and, in addition to job hunting, has many other things to contend with. Eva was good at listening, even what was not said and seeing through defense mechanisms with demands and encouragement in the right dose. Eva is simply a job coach who is an energy starter and that is often exactly what job seekers need most.