Obtain an international perspective and knowledge from other countries in your company – host an intern! 

By receiving or hosting an intern from another EU country, for a longer or shorter period, you can benefit from a unique opportunity to gain insight into industry knowledge from elsewhere, create networks and obtain new skills and knowhow.

Today over one quarter of a  million European youth each year partake in exchange programs abroad, either as interns or apprentices. Erasmus+ offers European youth the opportunity to enrich their lives by learning new languages, undertaking studies or gaining international experience.

What are the benefits to my company if we accept an intern through Sandson?

  • You get a curious and energetic intern.
  • You gain communication and cultural skills that enhance communications with your clients and partners.
  • You can create networks with potential new colleagues and undertake active targeted international recruitment activities.

At Sandson, we have extensive experience assisting companies in receiving interns from other EU countries. Before the internship period, we have prepared the intern!
We work with schools, universities and other sending organizations around Europe to create the best possible match and ensure quality for all parties.  

We are responsible for all practical matters such as travel, accommodation, on-site introduction and insurance. For you as a company there is no cost involved to receive a trainee. We always interview all participants to ensure quality and adequate skills.

In addition, we are always available and keep in regular contact with you as an employer as well as with our interns.

We are happy to listen to you and your needs and then match these with our trainees' training and professional experience. 

Today we work with partners in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. All projects are individually composed and take into consideration levels of education, opportunities and expectations. Our goal is to foster our interns’ development and strengthen them in their future career choice, and for the companies that we work with to achieve growth in a fast-changing and global world. We work diligently to support you as an employer and to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved. 

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Our hosting team consists of Johan & Magnus and you are welcome to send them an email to book a meeting!