Guillaume from France did an internship in spring 2022, and ended up staying in Sweden...


Why did you decide to apply for an internship in Sweden?

My main choices were Germany and Sweden. I wanted to see the cultural differences, for example the flat hierarch at work. My wish was to work in an international company with lots of nationalities.


Was the experience as you expected?

I didn’t have that many expectations. Things have worked out flawlessly. They really needed a front end developer, so the work was just as I expected. It was a good match with my education.


Anything that surprised you?

How much responsibility I got straight away! Since it was a small company I relied a lot on my own skills and knowledge. I have seen the company evolve, start new ways of working and develop new methodologies.


What is your best memory?

On a personal level, meeting a lot of new people from all over the world, making new friends an acquaintances. We have traveled to Stockholm and Oslo. I have also discovered and developed new sides of myself.


Has the experience changed you?

Kind of. First I was looking for an internship to prove my skills, to be able to get the jobs that I wanted and fit. To have the skills, to make good choices and handle responsibility. I would say that I am more open minded now, a bit less introvert.


I know you were offered a job. Tell me about it.

First I hesitated, I was overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties. It would be life- changing. I had to think about it. Then I decided to just go for it. During my internship I saw the company evolve, and really wanted to be part of it. I came back in September 2022 and have worked there ever since.


Any tips for people who are thinking about applying for an internship abroad?

Just go for it! It’s meaningful and can bring you a lot of growth as a person. When you are here just do your best, interact with your co-workers, be part of the company. Try to meet locals and other nationalities, make new friends.