Sandson AB is located in southern Sweden, in the region called Skåne. Our company has offices in three cities, Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg and at this time we provide internships in the first two.

About our region

Lund is the base of our operations and this is where most of our interns are offered internship programs. It is an old city, rich in history and education, and thanks to Lund University and the Ideon Science Park, it also has a very modern and innovative atmosphere. 

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, with a population of close to 350,000. Although Malmö and Lund are only 10 minutes apart by car, they are quite different. Malmö is an old industrial shipping town, and since the Öresund Bridge was built, in the year 2000 joining Malmö and Copenhagen, the city has drastically changed. From the coastline you can see Copenhagen and going there only takes 20 minutes by train. Nowadays, Malmö is similar to Lund, a city of the future with its own modern university. Being connected to the continent has made Malmö a European town in terms of both culture and pace. 

How we work as a Mobility partner

We can provide internships in most business sectors and professions. Our key areas are:

  • Marketing and Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics
  • Biochemistry
  • Education 

As a partner we like to be transparent and open with how we do business. We are proud of our partnership with the Swedish Public Employment Service, we also have a wide network and know the ins and outs of the labor market in our region.

We are a typical Scandinavian company, which is something we also try to incorporate into our internship program. Interns coming here will benefit from a lot of personal freedom and realize greater responsibility, both when working and in their free time. 

We greatly value the interns’ own thoughts on what they wish to accomplish during their internship in order to achieve a good match, after all its their internship. For us, this matching process between intern and company is very important as the internship needs to be rewarding for both parties. It is when you achieve this mutually beneficial match that borders between different countries and cultures become less important and a sense of joint accomplishment is reached.

If you want to know more on how we operate, or start a cooperation please contact our mobility manager!

Mobility Manager