Are you looking for skilled staff? – We help you to find the right employees!

Sandson works with selection recruitment across the Öresund region. Our recruitment methods are direct recruitment or recruitment through ”rent first – then employ”. We like to work closely with our customers and are responsive to your needs.

We have been particularly successful at recruiting people with elusive skills, both within skilled and professional occupations. The deciding factor is our proximity to our customers throughout the recruitment. We put in a lot of time and effort to understand customer needs and the needs of a suitable candidate. The recruitment process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We can manage all or parts of the process.


Requirement profile

We visit your company to develop a requirement profile. However, if necessary, the requirement profile can be made by mail or over the phone.

Candidate search

We are looking for candidates in several places, in our candidate database, through advertising on the internet and in the press, and through contacts.


Selection is based on merit evaluation, interviews and reference checks. If the job requires it tests are conducted.

Candidate presentation

We present suitable candidates (via concealed resumes) and you choose which candidate you want to meet. The employee can be either employed directly by you, or rented to you from us. If you rent the employee, you can employ him or her at any time.


After recruiting, a follow-up is conducted to ensure that both the consultant and the company are happy.


We will not be satisfied until you are.