Stöd och matchning

Support and Matching

We will help you to see new opportunities, perform a thorough analysis and an inventory of your skills and needs to see what resources we need to use. We inspire and share our experience. A career is a traditional a concept that many identify as a means to promotion for a higher position and a higher salary. Today’s careers are as much for personal as professional development, and are tailored to the person you are. Everyone has a career. Everyone needs and wants at different times to develop their careers and feel the satisfaction of having stimulating tasks.

A coach acts as a motor. We will through personal tutorials help you see new possibilities and try different paths. You may also, via a personal login, access relevant tools in our archive. We have gathered everything you need when you are looking for a job, for example, various resume formats, advice on how to have a successful job interview, information and links to good job search pages, information on how Försäkringskassan works when you are unemployed, all in one place.

Here at Sandson AB you will see commitment, willingness, and a wide network where together we create opportunities for you throughout the Öresund region.

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We are a supporting party to the Public employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen) for the activity Support and matching (Stöd och matchning). Let us help you find a new job!

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Contact the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen)

Contact the Public Employment Service and inform them that you want to start with Support and Matching at Sandson AB.
Use our KA number: KA 10064417.

Positive Decision

The Public Employment Service makes a decision and send you information on this by post.

Meeting at Sandson

We will contact you and invite you to an individual meeting with one of our coaches.